"PEel Away" Ep

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"Recorded inside a tiny studio out in the California desert, this debut EP bears the marks of both in their offhand vulnerability and chilly grandiosity. “I was a brave girl then / I had a tolerance / for dread / I was scared to look you in the eye / but I did,” LAE. sings on triumphant lead single “Tolerance,” and there’s a delicious irony in the wistful tone struck: Then? It’s this song that sounds brave."


WHo is LAE.



From New York to LA, LAE. arrived with a vision: to bring her musical performance into a realm that encompasses all artistic mediums. 

"Imagine the playful pop classicism of Neko Case, the dance-worthy anxiety of St. Vincent, the grandiose confessionals of Florence Welch, the early-morning moodiness of Cat Power—but darkened, their stakes heightened, by drama, a la David Bowie or PJ Harvey."


LAE. Live

8/19 So Far Sounds NYC

8 PM 

8/24 Bowery Electric, NYC 

7 pm

9/6 Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles 

9 pm